Why Freelance Designers Are Never Cheaper

When you compare freelance booth designers and design studios, the question of price seems to pop up first. A freelancer is cheaper, but whenever something is cheaper you still pay more  - with your time, confidence, deadlines, reputation and risks. It doesn’t really matter how talented and inspired he is, what awesome projects he [...]

2017-03-28T11:48:01+00:00 March 28th, 2017|GM work|2 Comments

Dusseldorf EuroShop 2017 – new is always better

Don’t be afraid, this isn’t turning into a travel blog, it’s still all about the awesome exhibition stand design. Ok, maybe not always, maybe this rule doesn’t work for brandy, cured meat, and good friends. But wherever technology is involved, innovations are a must. Speaking of exhibitions, the competition in all market areas [...]

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Why stand design matters

A stand design is not a decoration, a whim or a trend. It’s supposed to help your customers earn money and increase the company value, which is the purpose of any business after all. Here are a few reasons why the stand design that you offer your clients simply can’t be mediocre - it [...]

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