4 things to check in your company exhibition stand design

With all the euphoria that accompanies the exhibition preparation, with all the fascinating ideas that flood your mind – it is easy to forget about the basic things. If you work with a professional stand design team, it won’t be an issue – their experience should add some down-to-earth approach to their work. But what if you are unsure if everything is foreseen? Here are a few things you should make sure your stand design has.

It should be functional

You need a so-called “bones” zone. A place where you can store all the ugly possessions of your exhibition team. Jackets and overcoats, motorcycle helmets, bags with vegan bento boxes – these are definitely the things you don’t want to be put on display. Ripped boxes with giveaways go there too.

Besides this quite physiological thing, your stand should be able to serve the events that are planned. A small cocktails party? A workshop for new clients? A masterclass with an invited expert? The functionality of the stand should allow that.

It should attract people

People have 5 main senses to navigate the world, try to engage them all. The scent is usually an underestimated instrument, but how about using an air freshener dispensing some light aroma?

Another attraction for the visitors is having the giveaways. They should be clearly displayed, but we don’t advise putting them anywhere near the stand borders, so that a person will have to enter the booth. If you have a demo-zone on your stand, it should look inviting and comfortable.

Another thing to consider here is that the open space will attract people from busy passages. Don’t overcrowd your stand, keep in mind that your visitors will also take up some space – make sure there’s still air for them.

It should be comfortable

Your exhibition team should be able to have a seat every now and then. A long exhibition day could be an exhausting experience for the office people, so there have to be some spots for a short break. A lumberjack that doesn’t stop to sharpen his saw becomes less effective, the people, who don’t rest a little from time to time are not well performing.

It should show who you are

That is probably the most important issue, but it’s too complicated to describe in a few words. Your brand identity should be easy to read from the stand – the logo, the colors, the strapline. Could you read it from a large distance, doesn’t it get too blurry? It should also preferably contain a short and precise explanation of who you are for those who are not familiar with your brand yet. Your stand design should comply with your brand guidelines so that the visitors won’t be confused.

However, all of these tips should be taken into consideration carefully. If your exhibition stand is just a place where you are having a few previously arranged meetings, you may not want random people to be attracted to it. That will depend on your exhibition goals – hopefully, you have figured them out.

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    Indeed a very useful and entertaining article about to increase footfall and visitors at your stall.

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