7 ways video content can take your exhibition to a new level

People watch over 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube alone every day. They are not forced to, they just really like watching videos. Thus we strongly recommend adding some video content to your exhibition strategy. Here are 7 ways video content could boost your presentation.

Great medium for communicating stories

Incorporating your product into a story is one of the most effective ways of crafting the content. Use the storytelling magic to make compelling videos about your products or services. They can both give a profound explanation of what you do and provide an emotional response — depending on what do you want to achieve.

Maximizing the stand’s reach

People’s brain is wired to notice the moving objects, and the brain will pay more attention to them than to the static ones. When you use a large screen with an eye-catching video looped on it, a passerby may get interested to learn more.

Enhancing the stand experience

Say hello, hand in a few flyers and smile awkwardly — that’s a bad exhibition strategy. You want your prospects to spend as much time on the stand as possible, and you need this experience to be memorable and pleasurable. Video content could help you with that too, however, don’t hope it could do all the work for you — your employees need to be around to give valuable comments.

Showcasing your products

It’s great when your product is simple, lightweight and when you can take all the assortment with you to any exhibition site without hiring a supersize cargo ship. But what if the product either has large dimensions or is too abstract to keep it on a shelf? A convenient but very costly decision would be to make a 3-D model of your equipment, but there’s a much cheaper option. A complicated technology can be visualized using animation.

Presentations by leaders of thought

Every industry has its reсognized leaders of thought. If one of them has ever told anything creditable about your product, you should definitely have this recording. This is not the type of the video to attract a passerby.

It is useful for cases when you have a dispute with some of your more sophisticated prospects or maybe just need a third-party expert to certify for you.

Filming the feedbacks

Another third-party video content could be your customers’ feedbacks. Even the faceless feedbacks on the web work, imagine how powerful a video feedback can be? Talk to some of your best clients and ask if they could provide you with a short and honest video feedback with some lively details, maybe even offer a discount for their future purchases in exchange.

An additional team player

Suppose, not all members of your exhibition crew are equally professional and not all of them have enough knowledge and understanding of the product. Oftentimes a curious prospect could know even more than a regular sales person. Having videos in the presentation area will help a lot when exhibits can’t explain what your company has to offer.

Video content is probably the most engaging type of content, and it would be a shame not to use it during the exhibition time. We always recommend adding screens to the stand design as the video is incredibly attractive — just as any motion is.

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