Even greener: more ways to become an eco-friendly exhibitor

If you read our article about exhibitions and waste it may seem that exhibitions are an environmental hazard.

But if we think about it, nothing in our lives is completely green from the moment we’re born. So let us do what we can to minimize our negative influence — not participating in trade fairs is not an option. After you thought about decreasing the waste from your stand you might consider more ways to make your exhibition booth more eco-friendly.

Save fuel

How much fuel do you waste to get all of the exhibition equipment to the location? Do your exponents drive in separate cars or do they go together? This matter is closer to our everyday environmental conscience — whether your team is accustomed to thinking green in their everyday lives. However, you can’t force everyone to follow your green initiatives — you hardly can make a lady in a pencil-skirt drive a bicycle. If possible, use public transportation.

Find a hotel as close to the exhibition venue as possible — thus you won’t have to take multiple cabs to get to the fair every day. All of these will let your company reduce the carbon footprint significantly.

Use eco-friendly paints

When you just enter the exhibition venue, the first thing you feel (besides the buzz, of course) is the acrid smell of the newly painted constructions. This mostly happens because the main requirement constructors have for the paint is the colour, not durability. Oftentimes it results in using the cheap options that have a chemical composition which is far from what we call «eco-friendly». They also take more time to decompose. Consider switching to the paints that are more on the green side.

Eco-clean paint is not just something to make your stand more environmentally friendly — they are also better for your exhibition crew. A headache at the end of the exhibition day could be caused by the weird smells too.

Rent one-time use things

Sometimes the stand design will require more expensive furniture or carpeting to support the luxurious look. It is not necessary to buy all of these items, consider renting them for the period of the exhibition.

Work with green commitment suppliers


Whenever you choose a supplier, pay attention to their green certifications. Are their materials sourced ethically and sustainably? Do they use any harmful chemicals? You are not completely eco-friendly yourself when you support non-sustainable industries.

It’s easy to lose heart when we truly understand that the perfection in eco-friendly exhibitions hardly can be achieved. But there are still plenty of things we can do to minimize our impact and that is already something.

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    Cool post!!!! I have too much like graphics in this post.

  2. The idea is best for the exhibition stand companies who are ultimately enough strong to take a valid step for making eco friendly exhibition. Your ideas are amazing , its just how they implement it.

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