Giveaways for exhibitions — how they work

When you come back from the exhibition your bag is full of brochures, your e-mail box is filled with pdf-catalogs and offers, and your brain is overloaded with all the information you heard. In a day or two, you find it very challenging to remember who told what and where. One by one the brochures are read and thrown away (hopefully, into a paper recycling container). Sometimes, even without reading. But what you won’t throw away — at least while still functional — are the little branded gifts you received during the exhibition.

How the giveaways work

We don’t state that giveaways are the cheapest or the most effective way of acquiring clients. A baseball cap won’t make your prospects so obliged that they’d immediately buy a huge sewage purification system from you. But as these little gifts are kept to remind about you for longer, they can be a powerful addition to your marketing set of weapons. They can be used by your prospects to remind them about your company. 

The behavioral trail

Larger giveaways like bags can be behavioral trails — if your branded tote-bag or a bright umbrella with your logo is used in public, more people are exposed to it. Your logo gets more recognizable. We are wired to trust the familiar things. So, the more people see your logo, the more chances are there that when they will need to choose a product from your category they’ll prefer yours. The giveaways like tote bags start working immediately on the exhibition — it’s very convenient to put all the brochures you get inside it to carry around (the bundle gets heavier and heavier after every aisle). 

What kind of giveaways are there

Nowadays you can put your logo on almost anything. People who are on the go all the time will appreciate the power banks and convenient USB-chargers. Even though we seem to be keeping all our notes in google keep, Evernote, OneNote – etc. – we still find notebooks and pens useful all the time. Whether to write down a new idea, conversation notes or even to draw a quick floor plan.  

Clothes items

Even though a popular gift, we don’t view them as a good idea for exhibitions. Most of such clothes is donated later and it’s almost never in front of your target audience.

Everyday use things

Little souvenirs like keyrings and lanyards can be nice, especially if they have some additional functionality — think about a keyring with a tiny torchlight. Such items as cotton tote bags, umbrellas, calendars, mousepads, wall clocks are popular too. Insulated reusable mugs and flasks are a good idea too, especially in the world where people are trying to cut back on the single-use products. 

Edible souvenirs

You’ll be offered branding edible souvenirs like chocolate bars too, but keep in mind — they don’t last long, for obvious reasons. We’d rather recommend using them as greeting cards for public holidays, not as exhibition giveaways.

The companies that produce various souvenirs like these will offer you a variety of products you could put your logo on. It is important that you put a lot of thought into choosing the types of giveaways according to your target audience preferences.

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