Increasing sales during the exhibition

Any exhibition is all about sales. Well, of course, it’s also about increasing brand awareness, loyalty, recognition, etc., but the final positive result of all these processes should be sales. There are steps you can take to increase sales during the exhibition.

Appoint meetings

If you want to get some contracts signed during the exhibition, it would be best to get some of them negotiated in advance. Invite your customers who are on a final sales funnel stage to visit your exhibition stand. There is a chance that your personal contact, the excitement of the trade fair, and the exhibition stand design will help them make this final decision. 

Make draft agreements

People got used to signing agreements and contracts via the Internet, without even meeting each other. But the exhibitions are a bit different. Meeting your client in the real world gives both of you more clues about what your cooperation will be like. Having a drafted agreement on hand will let you shake your hands on the deal while actually making things legal.

Try-vertise your product

Your speech can be very engaging and well prepared, but nothing beats the possibility to try the product. If you sell some FMCG goods, make sure to have enough samples on the stand. If you promote some complicated machinery or equipment, small models will be very useful, especially if you make them fully functional. Sometimes displaying a detail of a huge mechanism looks very impressive and helps visitors imagine what the whole project would look like. If what you’re selling is more abstract, like software, provide a demo-version. Install a few working spots within the stand so that a prospect could try the product before buying it. All of these stimulate the purchase.

Have decision-makers on the stand

It’s great to have the company CEO on the stand, but let’s be honest — it looks more of a fairy tale plot. People, who work on the stand during the exhibition, should be entitled to sign contracts and to make various amendments. It only seems that one size fits all and that your standard contracts and agreements should work for all situations and clients. You can’t foresee everything, so the exhibition crew should have a variety of options to close deals. 

Most of the time, the exhibitions are not viewed as an event that has to sell here and now. You communicate new ideas, you meet new prospects, you demonstrate your experience, you build trust and loyalty. But would a few deals closed during the trade fair hurt anyone? 


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  1. Juan Rubio 20.08.2019 at 12:44 - Reply

    Great approach to a world full of digital strategies that are trying to decrease the HUMAN Factor at exhibitions, tradeshows and events!.

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