Life goes on: SMM after the exhibition

The exhibition is over, but there’s no time to feel exhausted — there’s a lot of work to be done. And it’s not only about the followups with the potential clients you met at the trade show. 

We are sure you did everything correctly with social media during the exhibition because you read our previous article. But as part of our lives has moved to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, we have no right to leave our exhibition impressions out of them too. We believe all of the recommendations listed below are quite universal and will work well for both company accounts and employees professional social media pages.

Post photos and impressions

After the exhibition is over you can tell your story about it on social media. Post photos, tag people, add details. Maybe even tell about bloopers — your readers will appreciate the honesty and transparency. If an industry celebrity was kind enough to visit your exhibition stand and let you take a picture of them you should post it, tag them and refer to the conversation you had. If you thought about it in advance and have some video footage — edit it and post too, as the video content is considered to be the most engaging.

React to posts written about you

Try to follow up as many posts that mention your company and your presentation as possible. Repost the most flattering ones and don’t forget to thank your clients for the feedback. 

You can also gather all the tweets about your company and make a Tweet Wall. You can either do it with an online service or simply make screenshots of the tweets and collect them.

Follow the event hashtags

You can subscribe to a hashtag on some social media platforms, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see all the relevant posts in your feed. If you want to be more scrupulous, check the messages with the exhibition hashtag manually on all the platforms. If you were lucky enough to launch your own hashtag that was picked up by the audience, react to the posts that have it.

Don’t ignore the comments

Most of the fun is always in the comments section. Don’t underestimate the discussions that happen here — it’s a great place to demonstrate your expertise to the people who are really interested.

Time for LinkedIn

Most of us don’t spend much time on LinkedIn — let’s be honest, its news feed is not fascinating enough to make you log in there every time you’re bored. But it’s a great way to contact your prospects without distractions. Send a short message via InMail where you thank for the meeting and say that you look forward to the fruitful cooperation. You can also offer them a piece of useful content there or invite to your next exhibition. You can even ask for LinkedIn recommendations.

The SMM lets our post-exhibition communication be more targeted and more engaging than ever. Let’s not discard the opportunities it offers.

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