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Participation promotion: they should know you’ll be there

As a child, have you ever had a nightmare, where you sit next to the most beautiful birthday cake alone, as no one has shown up? Well, that nightmare could become a costly truth if you don’t market your exhibition presence properly. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid it.

Social media

This should be one’s first idea about advertising the exhibition presence. Choose the audience carefully. If you’re working in an FMCG or IoT market, you could benefit from Facebook advertising. But if you’re not sure how to pick your audience profile from scratch, you can download the data of your current clients and ask the Facebook’s artificial intelligence to find you even more people with similar characteristics. The “look-alike” audience is a great way to start if you are not sure which demographics and interests to target.

Remember, that here you have a very short span of your prospect’s attention. Your message should be bright, easy to read and to understand. It should have a clear call-to-action, and it will be much more effective if you offer a free sample or a free masterclass or a free trial during the exhibition.

For the B2B market, you’ll find it efficient to advertise your exhibition presence on LinkedIn. This may seem quite an expensive thing but you’ll get an opportunity to deliver your message to the exact people who could make an impact.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has been expected to die for years already, and yet it still remains an effective instrument.

Prepare a series of engaging content letters that could be of some interest to the recipient. But there’s one little catch – most of your subscribers won’t read your carefully crafted content. It’s not a bad thing – they will still see your name in the “Sender” field and it’ll raise the exposure. You don’t open all the discounts letter from the shops you purchase from, but you still remember they exist, right?

Direct mail

The exhibition organizer will provide you with the beautifully printed invitations. Send them to your partners who you would want to see among your exhibition visitors. Make sure the envelopes will get to the right people and don’t forget to include some piece of information (a letter, a flyer, a leaflet – anything) that would have a clear call-to-action.

Offline advertising

If you still have the time and the resources you could spend some on the offline advertising channels. Most of the specialists say that they are the weakest in terms of ROI. Yet you still could try advertising your exhibition presence in the printed media, on TV and radio. You could also include this information in your outdoor advertising if you have any. Yet these ones are way too costly and inefficient.

So, are you ready to promote your product and your company to the stand visitors?

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