Supporting your exhibition presence: exhibition sponsorship

If you’ve ever been to the exhibitions, you probably met these logos that seem to haunt you even when you visit the public convenience. They’re on the walls, they’re hanging down from the ceiling and they even look up to you from your visitor’s badge. You may never have stumbled upon the exhibition booth of that company but your brain still keeps their logo somewhere in your memory. That costs them tons of money, but is it that much effective? That depends on your goals.

The sales people from the exhibition venue will try to sell you every possible spot for your logo including the places no one has ever seen in real life. We’ll help you figure out which ones are actually a good idea to invest your advertising money in.

This would seem like a huge statement piece but, unfortunately, most of your prospects won’t even notice it. Few people will choose to look up having so many visual stimuli on their eye level. Keeping in mind how expensive these usually are, we would not recommend investing in hanging banners if your main goal is to attract new customers.

Hanging banners

However, if your wish is to make an impression of Marquis of Carabas owning almost everything around here, these banners are a way to go. At least all your competition will know how much you’d spent on them and will get a little anxious about their market share.

Directional Signages

Ask about this sponsorship opportunity – not all of the exhibitions offer it. At some point, people will start to look for the cafeteria/conference rooms/lavatories, so putting your logo next to the internal directional signages could be a great idea.

Floor Tiles

You watch your step, don’t you? This process probably doesn’t get all of your attention especially during the events like the trade shows. Still, if the floor pattern gets broken by some bright visual elements you can’t but notice them. Some exhibition organizers will offer you to pay for putting your logo on the floor tiles, and we believe it’s a good idea most of the time. You could make these tiles guide visitors to your stand. But keep in mind, they could get dirty and rubbed overtime, so after two or three busy exhibition days your logo could look unrecognizable.

Confirmation e-mails

This is another thing to consider. These e-mails have an incredible open rate and people will notice your logo and company name, which will lead to a greater exposure. Visitors often re-open these e-mails when they come to the venue which is also great for you.

The exhibition newsletter

Do you often have plenty of time to read all the newsletters you get in your crowdy mailbox? Most people do neither. We don’t recommend wasting your advertising resources on this kind of sponsorship.

The exhibition app

There is an app for everything nowadays. Some exhibition organizers will offer you to sponsor their app. Before rushing into it, try to find out what functionality the app offers, how many people actually have it on the phone, and how many of them actually use it. You risk gaining less exposure than you are promised.

Wi-Fi connection

Thousands of visitors will connect to the wireless network. How about having your company name and your stand number on the list of the networks in the range?

Show guide

Before agreeing to pay for putting your logo anywhere on the show guide, think – how do you use it? Most people only open it to see the floor plan and the exhibitors index. Besides the cover, these are the only pages of the show guide worth investing an extra dollar.

Online sponsorship

Don’t forget about banner blindness. The website visitors pay very little attention to the flashing and flickering pictures on the side of the text they read. However, some offers could work well. For example, “print this and get a free sample on our stand” could bring some new people to your booth.

Badges and lanyards

Compared to a hanging banner this seems to be a tiny logo placed on a tiny medium. However, keeping in mind that every visitor will wear them everywhere throughout the exhibition, your logo could get a huge eye-share. This fits for the companies that have a logo version suitable for this type of print – it should stay legible and recognizable.

The more exposure your brand gets – the better for your overall exhibition success. Of all the visual stimuli the visitors will get your logo should be among the most memorable.


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