Video content for exhibitions: checklist

Does any kind of video work for the exhibition stand? No, not really. There are many things you should keep in mind when you choose video content for the demonstration. The exhibition environment is very specific and the way we consume video content there differs greatly from our online experience. Here are a few things to consider when preparing the videos for the exhibition.

A video should have subtitles

The video that you plan to use during the exhibition should better have the subtitles. Let’s face it — the exhibition site is one of the noisiest environments for demonstrating a movie, and you don’t want your customers to lose any information from it.

A video should be within your marketing strategy

This goes without saying but any content you use during the exhibition should be aligned with your marketing strategy and your marketing goals. Don’t forget about your target audience too, — who they are, what they care about, why they come to the exhibition in the first place. Every video that you plan to use on the stand should have an objective — something a person who watched it should learn, experience, remember etc.

A video is intended for a certain part of the sales funnel

It is very tempting to make a universal video piece that could work for all of your visitors. But that’s a utopia. All of the prospects that come across your stand will have a different level of knowledge about your product. The video that is demonstrated on a huge screen at the stand reception zone could be a more generic one, but you should have a few in-depth videos as well. You’ll need them when the prospects who know the product already will come up with some questions.

You should have both informative and entertaining video content

Most businesses will benefit from alternating informative and entertaining video content. Use storytelling method to incorporate your products and services into a plot. People remember stories better, and the emotional response to the entertaining content makes the experience even more memorable.

You should have an eye-catching video for the reception zone

A 30-second short eye-catching video will be great to attract the right prospects to your stand. Mind that it should look bright enough to stand out in the exhibition environment. As for the contents of this video, think about mind teasers — something that leaves a curiosity gap and magically makes a passerby come up and find out more.

You need to have headphones on the stand

Subtitles are great, but sometimes the sound is crucial. Make sure that in that case the demonstration area is equipped with high-quality headphones, all of which work impeccably. As stand designers, we would also recommend considering the audio equipment that won’t make your stand look ugly with all the wires — there are plenty of stylish and functional options on the market.

Use these tips to choose of all your videos or include them as requirements into your video development brief. Let your exhibition presentation benefit from using the most suitable and the most effective video content.


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