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Spending a few days away from the office routine, being surrounded by interesting people and taking new professional challenges – this will seem like a great idea for many of your employees. Before arranging a casting we suggest that you get acquainted with the following recommendations about how to get the best exhibition team together.


As we’ve already mentioned in our article about choosing a perfect stand, it is best to have 6-8 m2 per every person working on your stand. Of course, it seems more logical to order your stand size based on how many people your exhibition team consists of, but if you’ve already ordered the stand and still have no idea who’s going – just do the math. If more people go to the exhibition, the stand will just look to crowdy, busy and unwelcoming. If too few people come to work on a stand that is too vast it’ll, paradoxically, look unwelcoming too. People will avoid it subconsciously – just as you would feel suspicious about empty restaurants and shops in an unknown city.


The age of your exhibitors depends on the audience you would like to attract. Without falling into any kind of ageism, you know that your target audience sometimes may trust the exhibitor more if his or her age implies more experience. In other cases, a younger person may look easier to start a conversation with. It depends on the product and the company, and there will be many exceptions.

This decision also depends on your expectations. If your main goal is to pour some new names into the sales funnel so that your trained sales team could work with them later – you can send your juniors easily. They’ll collect the business cards, while your most qualified staff won’t get distracted from their main goals.

However, if you plan not only on gathering the contact information but also on getting the prospects to know your product you should send highly qualified people to the exhibition. This will be more expensive if you consider the opportunity cost but will pay off immensely. No flyer or brochure can be as persuading as a competent exhibitor.


If you work in a market where there are no gender-associated preconceptions about the professionals in your field, you should aim for 50/50 ratio in your exhibition team. Unfortunately, this still differs from country to country depending on culture and certain prejudices. It’s better to talk openly to your colleagues if they are ready to face this unfair prejudgement that could arise during the trade show.


Some of us are extremely sociable, others get stressed every time they need to talk to another person. Keep in mind that the introverted people may be worse at presenting the proposals and communicating the product benefits. In addition, talking to so many people every day is pretty tiresome and chances are high they will get exhausted long before the end of the exhibition day. If that is the case consider keeping them near their computers where they belong. However, make sure that they are easily accessible on the phone in case your outgoing salespeople will not be capable of explaining something to the technically savvy clients. It would be the best to have an exhibition team that consists mostly of extroverted people. Of course, if they have the necessary qualification.


It is tempting to have your exhibition team consist of salespeople, but we wouldn’t advise you do so. Make sure that you include someone who can answer tricky technical questions, someone who can speak about service and support freely and so on. It is also a good idea to have some senior management representative there so that he or she could handle the VIP-clients and help other team members with prompt decisions.


If you are an international corporation, make sure that you have your local representative on the stand. Firstly, he may know most of the local clients. Secondly, he or she would know the local peculiarities of the business better than any of your trained booth staff.

A cherry on top

If you could invite one of your loyal customers to share the experience with the exhibition visitors – that would be the most persuading advertising of all.

Well, now we hope that you finally have an idea about who should become a part of your magnificent exhibition team. Make sure they are motivated enough and let them start their training right away!

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