Dusseldorf EuroShop 2017 – new is always better

Don’t be afraid, this isn’t turning into a travel blog, it’s still all about the awesome exhibition stand design.

Ok, maybe not always, maybe this rule doesn’t work for brandy, cured meat, and good friends. But wherever technology is involved, innovations are a must. Speaking of exhibitions, the competition in all market areas makes everyone implement the bravest and the newest designs and constructions to draw the attention of the visitor.

The Dusseldorf EuroShop is a place where all these exhibition stand design innovations are concentrated. The exhibition stand contractors and designers demonstrate their outstanding approach to catching the attention of the attendees. In short – this is a trade fair of trade fairs, a cream of the crop in the exhibition design and technology.  

We couldn’t miss the event like this, and here’s what was new for our humble exhibition stand design studio during our visit to the EuroShop-2017 Retail Trade Fair.

New standard in booth design – no standards at all

An easy to spot tendency in booth design that we spotted in Dusseldorf would be best described as “no standards”. Being unique and memorable is the main task so standard decisions don’t work anymore. The main focus is moved to the stand design as the main instrument of visitors’ attention control. In short, a remarkable design always pays off, and the more exceptional it is the better. And the EuroShop-2017 participants have proved that one can have an exclusive exhibition stand irrespective of the budget, all thanks to the distinguished design.

New acquaintances – new people, new horizons

We’re also very grateful to the EuroShop trade show for the multiple new acquaintances it gave us. We’ve met exhibition contractors and booth designers from all over the world. Talking to colleagues about the latest trends and exchanging the tricks of the trade was extremely useful for us as professionals.

One of our designers hoped to meet the love of her life there as well, but it’s not quite the kind of event for that. Just kidding, the breathtaking booth design is the love and passion of our lives, so it counts.

New technologies

The same design element (a signage for example) can be made in multiple different ways, and every contractor company has its own preferences among them. Fortunately, the current state of technologies doesn’t limit us as designers at all – even the boldest fantasies can be easily implemented on the site. However, we were astonished to see how the LED panels can be used in the floor and in the walls of the exhibition stand – that gives designers numerous additional options.

New impressions and inspiration

Creatives know that even insignificant things around you can inspire you to make something totally new.

This origami stand design proves this once again.


This stand design attracts the visitors with its unusual depth created by irregular geometric shapes.

A gigantic mirror lets everyone see a different stand design at the end of the day.

Good old friends

It was a great chance for us to meet our clients from Europe and USA for the first time (skype is certainly great, but grabbing a cup of real-life coffee and a conversation is priceless).

We thank all of you for your time that you spent with us, your ideas and insights that you shared with us and the enormous inspiration that we obtained in Dusseldorf and that we hope to keep during the following months.

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    Awesome trip!

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