Case: A story of one exhibition stand – from an idea to the implementation

We are great fans of exhibitions. We are fascinated by the bright and bold stand designs of our colleagues just as you probably are. Yet very few people understand how long the way from an idea to a complete exhibition stand is. We’ve decided to uncover this process a little to get you acquainted with all the steps that are taken before you put the leaflets on the reception of your newly built exhibition stand.


Aquapolis is a company that can convert an ordinary backyard into a luxury by helping to insert and maintain a pool there. For the annual “AquaTherm” exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine, they booked a 63 sq.m. stand. Functionally the company required a single-storeyed stand with 5 branded zone, a small negotiations zone, a bar, two reception spots and a storage. They also provided the logo and the brand guidelines to let us make this design consistent with them. We’ve also received the list of the equipment that should be presented during the exhibition.


We’ve studied the brief and started to look for associations with the company that could help deliver the main message of the brand. White and blue colours should definitely dominate, not only because they are brand colours, but also because they are strongly associated with water and freshness. We’ve chosen a river delta – a place where a river falls into an ocean or a lake – as the main image for the stand. It resembles not only water as a metaphor, but it also comprises the idea of a wide yet focused company assortment. We’ve also gathered an inspiring moodboard.


After we are sure what we want to see on paper, we start sketching. We opted for well-defined lines and distinct shapes. They are strongly associated with growth and confidence.

Implementing in 3 dimensions

After the sketch is preapproved we start to implement it as a 3-dimensional object.

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Some of these ideas will not hit the final layout, but we don’t know about it yet. For example, the eco-wall that we believe is great for creating the cozy atmosphere and for making people predisposed to positive decisions will be rejected. And this is also a part of the creative process, something you can’t avoid on your way to perfection

Correction rounds

You wouldn’t want to see a movie where the protagonist just lives a normal life and doesn’t overcome any difficulties. “Where’s the plot?” – you’d exclaim. This is true in the design process as well, the best works appear only in cooperation with the client, which sometimes includes multiple discussions and correction rounds. In fact, this stand design took us 4 correction rounds to bring it to the state that would work the best.

Some corrections were about the stand ergonomy, adapting it to the team’s working habits, some were about adjusting the technical details and some were made concerning the products presentation.

It is a good idea to spend a lot of time on this step as the more thought you put into every part of the stand design the fewer problems will occur during its building.

Not to be bragging too much, but check the final renders and see how accurately they match the brief requirements:


Finally, a few days before the exhibition starts the stand becomes a physical object.
Please, note how much the final result looks like the final renders.

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So, at this stage, there’s only one little detail missing – the team. Oh, wait, not missing anymore 🙂

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