How to choose a stand designer

5 things to ask before ordering a design

Maybe if it was about designing a birthday greeting card for your toddler, you wouldn’t dive deep into interviewing the designer. However, the exhibition stand design is something really different and you will have to ask your potential contractor a number of direct questions. We’ve gathered a short cheat-sheet of what is crucial to ask to minimize the risks.

Have you worked with this industry?

There are talented beginners in every field but what we are looking for is a professional. An exceptional case with the ice-cream manufacturers doesn’t mean that the design studio will cope with your hi-tech digital startup stand design. The language of visual communication has its dialects, make sure your stand designers speak the one for your industry.

Do you have any client feedback?

Besides the portfolio itself (which you for sure have already seen) the client feedback could tell you a lot. The professionalism involves not just the creativity and the talent, but sticking to deadlines, keeping in touch with the client and so on. Asking this question will help you to avoid working with true artists that can design a masterpiece a few weeks after the deadline.

What major exhibitions do you visit every year?

The answer to this question should include at least a few events that have taken place lately. Your contractor should stay tuned to the newest booth design trends. A sit-at-home designer might fall behind a little as far as these are concerned.

How do you perceive the corporate identity of the company?

This question may seem to be more appropriate for a focus group, but here’s why we believe you should ask it. After you provided the designer with the brand guidelines it’s crucial to make sure he or she understands the whole idea and the message behind your logo, your corporate colors etc. Juggling with visual elements is one thing, designing an exhibition booth and guiding the customer experience is totally different.

What budgets do you usually work with?

With design issues, we never have any guarantee. But the budgets that were needed to implement the previous booth design project of your potential contractor will tell you a lot. If they’re too high – you’ll know you’re out of their league, if they’re too low – you’ll estimate the risks more accurately. If you can find out whether this stand design studio managed to fit in the budgets or exceeded them all the time – that’s even better.

In terms of decision making all these questions are important, but many customers fail to ask them on time. We are ready to answer all of these and many more to prove our competence and professionalism.

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