Why stand design matters

A stand design is not a decoration, a whim or a trend. It’s supposed to help your customers earn money and increase the company value, which is the purpose of any business after all. Here are a few reasons why the stand design that you offer your clients simply can’t be mediocre – it HAS TO be awesome, or you may as well even not apply.

It’s about reliability

Your customer may not be good specialists in exhibition stands construction, but they would definitely want a reliable and safe booth construction. Just like an ugly package design can ruin the tastiest coffee for you, if your stand design isn’t appealing enough the customer could make the hasty conclusions about your professionalism as a constructor.

It’s about participation success

When your customers make their decision about the future booth, they are definitely considering the design first of all. Your customer’s goal is being noticed, recognized and remembered after the fair, and the stand design is the main instrument for that. A good stand design will distract their competitor’s prospects, it will appeal to the exhibition visitors and thus will help all the expenses to pay off. Keeping in mind the total expenses for the trade fairs are usually a pretty sum, one simply can’t afford to have a bad stand design.

It’s about money

Your client has some sort of a budget, and doesn’t want to spend more than he planned. So a good booth design company will ask the money question among the first – professionals can make a spectacular project staying within a limited budget.

It’s about efficiency and experience

It’s not enough to just “draw something unusual”. The stand design should be consistent with your customer’s brand identity and it has to deliver the same message that is in the company’s mission. Besides that, one has to consider the region of the exhibition – multinational companies may want to have different stand designs for Sweden and for Korea.

It’s about reacting fast

Did you know that some companies make their choice of contractor even before the tender is over? That is to say, they will blindly accept the late entries, but the early bird that offered them something extraordinary and attractive will get the contract. When you offer them a project tailored to their needs and company peculiarities, a project that is elaborate and compelling, a project that is within their budget, and when you do it within 2 days – why would anyone look for more?

How do we know all that?

Our projects helped our customers win the incredibly competitive tenders so many times, that we already know what’s important. Maybe that’s because we’re very fast with them – it takes us less than 2 days to develop a thoroughly planned stand design. Maybe that’s because we’re very attentive and are always consistent with the brand guidelines. You could say maybe it’s just been a good luck for us, but we bet it’s all due to our experience and creativity.

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