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Project Description

The main idea of the stand is to show how Enterprise console makes the complicated things clear, uniting different parts of the everyday workflow problems for a more efficient decision making. ​​​​​​​

 There are a few negotiations zones within the stand. They all are designed slightly differently so that an exponent can choose a more formal and strict or a more casual and relaxing atmosphere for the conversation. This is supposed to provide the best experience for the current working clients and for the prospects.

The guiding lines on the stand floor don’t only logically define the main zones but also create a pattern of the paths that represent the diagrammatic problem solution, the connections between the different parts of the same problem.Here we basically offer a way to be taken for better connectivity and integration. Functionally, these LED-lit paths are suggesting the direction to the stand visitors.

We’ve provided a convenient access to the demo-zone, where all the visitors will be able to get acquainted with the demo-version of the enterprise console. 

The walls are made of the Aluminum composite panels that create an impression strongly associated with modern technology, accuracy, minimalism, and simplicityThe idea is that even the most complex things can be managed and monitored smoothly. To soften this impression we also use the wood texture for a more appealing and humane look of the overall composition. Used in combination with dark grey floor they make for an elementary and contemporary premium appearance.

The large screen that is the centerpiece of the stand composition demonstrates the video about the “Bloomberg for enterprise” software. It represents the single panel that consolidates the information from all the crucial systems, which helps to control everything and to make all the processes clear and transparent, resulting in well-measured steps for problem-solving.​​​​​​​

The lines of the construction are decisive, yet simple and clear. This is made to emphasize the simplicity brought to the companies by the Enterprise console.

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