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Project Description


Create a dynamic stand that demonstrates the flexibility and development company DELL

The ascendant construction gives the feel of unlimited growth and success. The stand consists of two parts.
The first one represents the high-end engineering and technological advancements. The cool color palette and metal elements are used to create the hi-tech look and feel.
We’ve experimented with different hues and finally used the colors that company uses for its products to keep the look of the stand somewhat familiar and recognizable.

What clients expect from the companies now is more than just being good at something. That is why we’ve added a second part that resembles environmental concerns.
The idea of sustainable growth and development has also been implemented in the tandem of hi-tech and environmental styles, demonstrating that these two directions can blend well in the company philosophy. The brand perception is turning from cold corporative to the eco-friendly one, the company is presented as flexible and dynamic, ready to create the new experience for their customers.
A tree placed in the negotiations zone is not just an element of comfort and warmth – it’s also a metaphor for growth and development.

Our main idea was to create a dynamic stand that demonstrates the flexibility and development, and we believe both are well-presented.

Thank you for attention!

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