GlobalLogic exhibition stand design concept2018-10-23T16:39:17+00:00

Project Description

The GlobalLogic exhibition stand was designed to be a clean and minimalistic space. It’s open, free and comfortable – one can easily move from zone to zone without any obstacles.

The large white wall implies the reliability and stability of the company. Clean rectangular and square shapes additionally emphasize the genuine simplicity of the company’s offer and the company’s openness – everything in the cooperation is expected to be easy and clear. The furniture that we use is either white or transparent so that it doesn’t add any visual noise.

We’ve chosen white as the main colour for this project not only because it is strongly associated with the brand, but also because it makes the whole space look light and breathable. All the main stand elements have additional lighting so that they look as if they are floating.

We’ve also placed a large and eye-catching logo on the top of the stand. The construction is there to proclaim the company’s leading position on the market, its being a trend-setter.

The net construction hanging above the stand brings up the associations with constructivism, precise calculations and the accuracy in general. This design element symbolizes the main company values – conciseness, timeliness, stability and reliability, and of course the professionalism.

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