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Project Description

We’ve used acute and moderately aggressive shapes to demonstrate the fast development of the products and the dynamics of the company. The angle of inclination implies the wings as the symbol of mobility. However, to make the overall active composition look milder we are using the pastel color palette that embodies light mist and freshness – the main associations with the vape. We’ve used orange and blue as accent colors for guiding the visitors’ attention – the reception zone is the brightest spot of the stand.

To emphasize the weightlessness of the design we’re only using either the transparent furniture or the variations of wire chairs. All of the elements are united by the idea of air and lightness that are at the core of the product.

The image of the colibri bird is the centerpiece of the stand as this is the most recognizable element of the visual brand identity. It is also supported by the origami colibri birds floating in the air around the tangerine tree, they add a notion of innocence and simplicity.

The construction hanging above the stand implicates the movement of the colibri wings – unstoppable and untiring.

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