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Project Description

The parallel stripes of the screen symbolize the circles of latitude on the globe. They seem to flow out of the frame shaped as the iconic rectangular logo, like the knowledge about the world flows to the viewers through the National Geographic media. It also resembles a camera lens that is used to show the most remote places on the planet. The screens create the effect of Earth’s rotation by their collocation and by demonstrating the constantly changing footage.

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Proceeding with the idea of the circles of latitude the couches on the stand and the armchairs in the negotiations zone visually remind of the lines of longitude.

The floor of the stand reception zone resembles the seashore which brings up the memories of travelling and vacation. The feeling of stepping into the unusual and adventurous environment is emphasized by the eco-wall that reminds of the jungle. The negotiations zone is hidden behind the semi-transparent waterfall window. The general impression of the design is that once you join the National Geographic media you get the experience of travelling and exploring the world.

The yellow colour is used as an accent in lighting and furniture to make the overall stand design be consistent with the universally recognizable brand features.

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