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How our Stage helps us deliver better stand designs

You know already we are quite fast in designing stands. Do we have a secret technology for that? Well, we definitely have the instruments, that help us work more efficiently. Yet it’s not just some generic tool, and here are 5 things about our Stage that will make you benefit from the cooperation with our studio.

What actually is our Stage?

The real life stands aren’t located in an empty space or on a gloomy monochrome background. There is a pavilion, there is some lighting, there are other stands, and all of those affects the perception. Sometimes it’s rather complicated to imagine how would the actual stand look like having the renders in front of your eyes. We’ve faced this difficulty multiple times, and so we’ve designed our Stage, that allows us to place the newly designed stand into a life-like environment with special lighting conditions.

It’s about consistency

If you see the stand design renders on our website, you can expect to have the renders of your stand delivered on the exact same quality level. Every designer in our team has the instruments that help all of us work in the same style. Only one designer usually works on a project, but different things may happen. If for some reason another designer will have to proceed the work on your stand design, all the renders will look as if they were made by the same person. The Stage gives us the possibility to keep the consistency between the renders and even between the projects.

It’s about accuracy

It’s apparently not your first year as an exhibition stand builder. You probably have all sorts of standard furniture elements available. When you pitch for a contract demonstrating the stand renders it’s much better to show exact pieces of furniture that will be used without any provisional elements, accompanied by an explanation. So if you work with JMT or AdExpo, there is more than a 90% probability our database has all of the elements you plan to use on site. Thus, the final renders will look more accurate.

But what if you’ve got some exclusive pieces of furniture that you want to use in the project? No worries, in that case we will add all the necessary components and your stand design will still look as accurate as possible.


It’s about effectiveness

Thanks to all these secondary elements provided by the stage, we can concentrate on the main idea of the stand design. We don’t have to dissipate our time and energy on insignificant things and recurrent decisions. This lets us spend less time on every project, which means you’ll be ready to participate in your tender earlier.

It’s about responsibility and reliability.

Would a one-day freelance company bother to spend so much time (and therefore – money) to create something as elaborate? We bet they wouldn’t. But we know that we’ve come here for a very long trip, so to follow our ambitions we’ll have to try a lot harder.

To sum it up, our Stage is not just an ordinary tool, it gives the designs that you present to your client a more professional and more accurate look. No conventions, no approximations – just like an exact photo of a future stand.

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