Pretty Renders Don’t Win Tenders

One question. Can you remember how much you’ve already wasted on stand design? We mean the money that was spent on the design-projects that happened to be useless but quite expensive pictures? If you participate in, let’s say, 100 tenders per year and only win 20 of them, you are wasting about $ 50 000. If you already see a better use for this kind of money, keep reading.

You would naturally ask, what makes us so self-confident to bring this up. We’ve accomplished more than 2,000 stand design projects during the last five years, and we were lucky (if you believe in luck) to work with Audi, Panasonic, SimilarWeb, Mercedes-Benz, Timberland, Wacom, Deutsche Bank, Electrolux, Gopro, Intel, Adobe, Lenovo, Nestle etc . Thus we believe we have some humble experience in this sphere, which gives us a right to speak about this tender-winning lottery (spoiler: it’s not a lottery at all) quite seriously. We’ve made a research about what actually helped our designs win tenders and what didn’t.

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  1. François JULLIEN 06.02.2018 at 20:11 - Reply

    there is no way to access the research…

    • gmadmin 13.02.2018 at 15:27 - Reply

      Access to research comes directly to your messenger. As the research turned out to be quite massive, we divided it into 3 parts so that it would be easier for understanding. Each part comes every day.

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